Wednesday, June 26, 2013

June 17th Meeting

We had a couple of neighbors that we don't see very often, so it was great to have them!
Also in attendance was a reporter from The News Outlet.

­• Updates:


1.  Nate Pinkard: He didn't have much to report, so took questions, most of which were about various properties. He did report that he's been working on the Parkview Manor Apartments. Last month, he was made aware of suspicious activity, as well as other issues. Mr. Pinkard has been in touch with various city departments concerning this property. He was also given the name and number of a tenant to contact. He committed to follow up with that.

2. Wick Park gates will be closed and locked at dusk for a trial period of 90 days, beginning at the end of June. If anyone sees someone trying to get in the park through the gates after dark, please contact Marie Meeks, or call the YPD.

3. Our next meeting on July 15th will be focused on Wick Park. Our parks director has been asked to attend. In the event that he cannot attend, this focused meeting will be moved to our August meeting. We, as well as our neighbors would like to see a few features added to our park, in addition to resuming a 'music in the park' series. We will update you on the meeting date as soon as we know for sure.

4. Marie met with Dominic Marcionda to discuss securing the R&S building.
To date, the graffiti has been removed, and a contractor has been hired to board up rusted bars, paint and coat damaged masonry, and clean up the parking lot (look for progress this week). Lighing improvements are in the works.

5. Wick Park Lighting Inventory – Marie forwarded repair notifications to the streetlight repair department at Ohio Edison on June 10. If we don't see progress soon, Marie will contact them again. Mr. Pinkard did inform us that he's used their automated reporting service several times and never got satisfactory results, so he advised us to call them ASAP.

• New Business:

1. Graffiti: this is increasingly becoming a problem in our neighborhood.
It does look like the same person or group's handiwork on Park, Broadway, Wick, and Rayen. If you see fresh graffiti, please call the police and ask them to file a report. Then call the city’s graffiti removal program- 330-744-3179, for non city owned buildings 

2. Welcome Wagon:
Peggy would like to start a Welcome Wagon-type of group for our neighborhood. The purpose is, of course, to welcome new neighbors to the area. This can be done a number of ways. If you're interested in being involved, please email Peggy at

Next month's business-
Topic: Wick Park (hopefully)

Meeting was adjourned.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Marie at, or
Peggy at

WPNA's next meeting is Monday, July 15th, at 6:00 pm.  
UUYO, corner of Elm Street and Illinois Avenue
We hope to see YOU there!

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